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A blog and ME

 “A blog and me?  What is that mean actually? Is there something that connecting me?”

In this chapter I am going to tell a little of my personal view why I choose to blog.

Being someone that literally having a minimum knowledge about computer world, it was really surprise me that I could set my own blog. Growing up in the orphanage and having just High School Certificate and after working as a domestic helper that most of my task was handling the household chores, there was zero to one percentage that I could touch a computer.  I learn some of basic computer knowledge when I was at school before but is been a quite long time and computer software also developing from time to time.

Things change, when I started to Enroll on Aidha ( one of some education support for domestic worker in Singapore).  Aidha taught me how to manage my money, how to be confident and introduce me back to the computer world. The school provide us computer for the lesson in class, also they allow us to used the computer lab to do our homework or just exercising our computer skill since most of us doesn’t own computer  including myself.

From learning about google docs, sheets, and slides. I started to know how to used all those tools. I still haven’t own computer at that time, most of my homework I do it on my smartphone and than send to my teacher via email.  The purposed of taking course at Aidha for most of us are we want to have our own business when we back to our home country. From there, I start thinking what kind of business I would like to open when I am back.

Having different life situation from my fellow classmate took me a different way of thinking. Most of my classmate was married, single mother, and having a family back home. So, it pretty easy for them to manage their future business since they have some support back home. But, not for me. I was all by myself and waiting to have someone to support me or when I back home is quite sometimes and I can’t just doing nothing at those waiting period.

With the trend of online business are booming, my though was going to that streamline too. But, I wanted something different from my friends who’s usually market their online business on their social media through Facebook or Instagram. I wanted to have my own website and my own name on it as my own brand. When I have some free time from my workload, I start doing some research for that. Google was my best friends for that.

With a lot of research and reading, I try one of some tools that I found to create my online website on my smartphone and going up with their free trial package. But, things wasn’t turn that great. I can’t see the website that I create fully on my phone. I told myself I need to get computer so I could learn more. The price of computer is expensive here especially for people like me. I told my computer teacher that I would like to buy the computer for my self to learn and I send him the picture of computer that I wanted. Luckily, he suggest to get second hand computer from one of famous apps that sell preloved things. And I did follow his suggestion. I spent only $160 for my first computer instead of $380 from my budget. And the computer are pretty good to used for a starter like me. I nailed it :).

I started learning using my computer, exploring the things and keep researching. I have some hobbies and other interested as well, during my free time I like to made my own jewellery or try to find things to learn while I am still here in Singapore. Candles, handcrafting, and sewing are my other interest, and I started doing some of experiment to make my own scented candles. From all those that interested me, giving me purposed and Idea to open my online shop on my own website. It didn’t take much space and time and I could do it on my free time that was my first thought. But, I was wrong. It wasn’t easy making my own online store, I need to have product to sell for sure. With my busy schedule and not 100% perfect product I can’t just make and than launch my product.

I try to figure it out another way, from reading about drop shipping and opening account on Etsy just to put my name into digital world. Most of the things that I read and google from the internet, are from people blog. From there I started thinking about what is actually a blog, blogging or a blogger. Of course I started to do some research again on my own and with the help of google.

From my point, I happened to know that a BLOG is away for people to communicate with others people, giving some Ideas, or even for a business purposed. I took it as all, I like to communicate with people and sharing Idea. But, sadly my circle friends doesn’t seem to have the same interest as mine. They communicate in a different way on their own circle. I want to have large circle from different people, profession, and country. That was the perfect reason for me to start making my own blog. Digital world connect people from around the world.

And now I have my own blog that I could used to communicate, sharing Ideas or even a business purposed in the future. This blog is totally made by a domestic helper who never stop to learn new things. HOhoHO…:)

Feel free to drop a comment and give me some suggestion.

See ya on my next blog!! stay tune!!! 🙂

hugs 🤗




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