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What are you looking for in life?

“The way you look at things is the most powerful force in shaping your life.”   –John O’Donohue”

It just normal afternoon, I was standing in the kitchen holding my empty cup. I have pretty much things on my side at that moment, and all of sudden there is question that coming to my mind that I rarely though. What I am looking for in life? Those question suddenly occupy my mind.

It freeze my ability to find an answer for few moments, that lead me to text one of my friend and asked her those question. ” Nothing more but a good health, I almost have everything.” That was her answer, she is in her 40’s and survive for breast cancer few years back.  Probably those became her wake up call that make her to put those choice in for what she is looking for in life.  I looked back at my self and try to find the answer.

As I keep looking for the answer, I realise that everyone have a different purpose for what they are looking in life. Some just want to be happy just like Dalai Lama said,  having a good health, to explore and experience, to become our greatest version and the list goes on. I feel like it based from what had happened to us in the past that made us trying to figure it out what we are looking for in life. Whether is a childhood memories, a tragedy or something that we didn’t do good enough in the past that made us want to make it better in the future so that we could feel and know what we are lingering.

But, there is so many question in within to be able to find out the right answer for every individual and it always different for once each other. The road to find what we want in life is actually easy but somehow it looks its difficult to figure it out. Especially, when we caught in a moment, when busy schedule take over our daily life those question seldom surface in our mind. And the moment those question surface in our mind, we need time to figure it out for the answer.

There is few things to help us to find the answer for it from taking time for ourselves, try to explore and express what we love to do, deciding where we want to go and knowing what are your life goal and sometimes we need to listen what our heart telling us that being said to follow our inner guidance.

When we start to taking time for our selves we become aware of our selves, its keep our mind clear, help us to learn about ourselves that we couldn’t otherwise, introduce us to a simple life, and force us to become less dependant on others and that make us accept that we are enough to make ourselves happy and allow us to set our priorities high.

The moment we start to explore and express what we love to do and enjoy the most it help us to build our self-confidence and fostering our creativity that will help us to be our own version and help us to be anything we want to be.

By deciding where you want to go in life and knowing your life goal are play important part because goal setting is the first step to be successful and help us to focus on present and not to waste time for it, also make us disciplined and clarity our vision to find what we are looking in life.

When we listen to our heart and follow our inner guidance we cease of having regrets while things may not always in our favour, but at least we try, and we know the truth and there will be no “what if” question to asked ourselves. Also it help us to getting to know who we really are and what really matter to us,  allow us to forgive ourselves and others, help us to ensure that we are in the right path for ourselves, and last but not least it help us to love ourselves and love others. I hope all those little things above could help you in the future when the question pop up in your mind.

And for me now, I want to embrace what life has been giving me from all the experience. That help to shape me as a person and become the greatest version of me, but at the end I just want to have my own family that I always linger. A happy family :). and what about you?? hope you find the best for your self 🙂


hugs 🤗


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