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Maybe I am small, but I am Opportunity too…

“Jumping at several SMALL opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one BIG one to come along”

Hugh Allen

It was pretty much my day for today, the fact that I finally having my own domain name is a big achievement for me. Maybe for most of you those what I just did was nothing, but for someone like me if you happened to read my previous blog about my self a little will understand why I said that. As I was pretty much excited about my new web, I do as much as I can to having to know about it and try to self customized. Being someone than literally having little knowledge about computer not even about Coding make me feel lost.

The moment I found a things that required CSS code I can’t do anything because I don’t know what is that mean at the first place. As I am mostly self learning I try my best to do some research in the internet with the help from GOOGLE. After so many google searching, reading and try to understand a little bit of what I am looking for, I was still blank :(. There is so many words that I am not familiar with it, starting getting headache seeing all those google searching I take a little break from it.

At that time I took my break, I crossed something on my mind. I remember I have someone that have a better knowledge about computer and coding and all the stuffs. So I told him about it. Since he was looking for some opportunity to develop his career I offer him some deal. Let’s said business deal in a professional way, but sadly he rejected my offer.

I am okay with the rejection, but what make me things something is what he said to me.  He said that web developing is not his field now, and he had not use CSS coding for few years back, he need to train himself back for doing the coding. Totally pretty clear reason and answer for me, but he added something after that quite suprise me. He said he was so busy looking for another opportunity for him self and I know that mean a big opportunity that belong to multi billion corporate job because he was looking for something to develop his career at that time.

And those answer leave me  with some question in my head to give me an idea to produce this blog ;). What is actually Opportunity? Are those the small things that people offer and if we could learn something and gain something in the end even make our live little bit better could it belong to opportunities? Why most people only looking for a big things that they forgot about the small things?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

Thomas Edison

How many times we have been offer a new job, going on a date or even offer to do something that we never done before. And probably our answer are “No” mostly rather than “yes”. Do you know all those offer are opportunities? It gives us the opportunity to experience something new, something different, and something more. Wouldn’t we like to experience more, earn more money , or just being happier? We all want that, but aren’t necessarily ready to take the risk of ourselves.

We need to become (Yes) people almost, but don’t say yes to everything. Saying yes to every opportunity will burn us completely. Trust our gut, it will take us down the path that is right for us. Taking opportunities can be scary, but to achieve something in life we need to take a chance. The best things for taking chance is that anything can happened. We might fall, get hurt or embarrassed, but there is also possibility that completely mind-blowing and changes our life forever.

By taking the opportunities we can change our wondering mode to knowing mode. We can feel at ease knowing that at least we tried and knowing that at least we took the chance at the opportunity because not trying is the only failure.

Is there any opportunities knocking at your door? Go answer it and said ‘yes’ but if the opportunities doesn’t knocks build a door for it. Because real opportunities are the one that we don’t immediately see. They come by at the most unexpected or inappropriate times and mostly when we are so obsessed with other distraction that we normally miss the major of opportunity that fall across our path.

The next time someone offer you an opportunities even though is small go for it. Treat it as a platform to learn, experience, and to enjoy it. 🙂 And for me I will try to open the door for the opportunity to perfectly set up my website first. WISH ME LUCK FOR THAT!!! 🙂

Hugs 🤗




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