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8 Basic Ingredients Every DIY Beauty Needs

“Take of all your make up, clothes, and weaves. If you still look good, you are a natural beauty. You are your own judge”

Nerissa Irving

Hello reader 🙂 How was your new year all? I hope you all have a great year a head :). As a mention before, that I would like to post about my DIY homemade beauty project, so here I am :). But, this time my highlight isn’t about the RECIPES. In this blog I am going to write about what basic ingredients that you need to run your homemade DIY Beauty.

If you are going to made your own homemade beauty, you going to need ingredients. These beauty heroes are your staples, you can use them alone as well as in multiple recipes like on my previous blog before, and the best things are they are easy to find :). So, no more waiting check this 8 Basic DIY Beauty ingredients :


This wonder ingredient is naturally antibacterial and antifungal and what’s more it’s a brilliant moisturizer, so it’s no surprise that it’s used as the base of all short of natural beauty products. Coconut oil is a healthy oil for cooking with too, and most supermarket now stock it. I recommended keeping two jars- one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom!


This creamy coloured fat is extracted from cocoa bean in the process of making chocolate. It’s edible, melts at body temperature and its moisturizing powers make it great addition to natural beauty recipes. There’s is quite number of supermarkets that carry cocoa butter as it’s quite delicious in cakes and homemade chocolate. But, if you can’t find, try a health-food store or online.


A white starchy powder, made from the rhizomes of the arrowroot plant (maranta arundinacea). Handy to have in the kitchen cupboard for gluten-free baking, it’s also a key ingredients in natural deodorant and dry shampoo. The cheapest and easiest way to source arrowroot powder is from your local supermarket. If you can’t find, you can use cornflour instead.


These naturally derived aromatic oils last for years and can be used individually or in a blend to infuse DIY beauty recipes with beautiful fragrance. I purchase them online because is easier to find all the aromas I want. Use those that are certified organic.


Sometimes you need a thinner base than coconut oil or cocoa butter, and that’s where liquid carrier oils come in. Use this for smoother lotions, baby oils, salves and after-shave balms. Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are my favourites, but you can also actually use store-bought extra virgin olive oil.


Aside for being a base for heaps of recipes, liquid castile soap (made from vegetables oils) can actually be used alone for everything. You can clean the house with it, use it as a body wash, shampoo, for making baby wipes and much more. Find it online or at in health-food stores like Dr. Bronner’s brands.


A wondrous natural, non-toxic ingredient that has incredibly useful properties for skincare, beeswax helps to thicken creams and works as a protectant and humectant, providing great staying power. Use beeswax in lotions, lotions bars, lip balm and foot cream. The good stuffs has a mild honey scent. Some supermarkets stocks this as it’s great polishing wood, but if not try online or a health-food store.


This has amazing healing properties and can be used to cure skin rashes and acne, reduce scars, stretch marks, and peeling after tanning, soothes frost bite and burns, and reduce arthritic pain and muscle fatigue. You can find Shea butter in health-food stores or online, just make sure is unscented and unrefined.

Those are 8 Basic for homemade DIY beauty, hope is useful for you all 🙂 feel free to told me if you made an experiment with that. Thank you for reading and follow my blog :). See ya on my next blog!!

Hugs 🤗


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