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” NATURE GIVE YOU THE FACE you have at twenty ; it IS UP TO YOU TO MERIT the face you have at fifty “


What do you think when you heard about the word “recycling?”

As for myself personally, it means something to be creative in a good ways that give me some good deals of benefits :). In this times, isn’t a good things if we could recycle everything? We could help to save our dearest planet. From bring your own bag for groceries shopping, to recycling your plastic mineral water or cans drink that most of you probably has done it 🙂 and I give my thumbs up for that! So, lets take another level recycling something that come from natural resource for the benefits of our natural beauty :). Is that make you excited? and it so easy-peasy, you have this ingredients almost daily. True!! almost daily!! do you heard that? The magic natural resource that I was talking about is “THE PEELS”. You don’t need to discard the peels of many of your favourite fruits and vegetables. These can be recycle in some of the most incredible ways :).

Here are the 5 recycle beauty from the peels :


Don’t throw away the empty half from your morning grapefruit either. It can keep your elbow soft and youthful looking. You know the area where the skin just short of loosely hang and at times can seem to get a bit darker. This will lighten up the skin well at the same time keeping in soft and supple. Just let your elbow rest inside the two halves of the grapefruit while you watch TV. ( I know it sound a bit insane but it’s honestly easier than cutting up the grapefruit skin). However, you can cut it up into smaller pieces and just rub the peel on your elbows if you prefer.


Rubbing a banana peel on your skin is amazing as well!! The peel contains potassium and lutein, which is antioxidant. It may sound a bit disgusting, but rubbing the peel on your face can be quite incredible. Banana peel is also known to be good for making pimples disappear after a couple uses.


Don’t ever get rid of the pumpkin rind. There are some doctors who claim rubbing it all over face will dramatically improve your skin texture. Orange squash is said to contain several ingredients that help the skin look and feel younger. One plastic surgeon is so taken with pumpkin rind when he offers special peel to his patients. He claims wrinkle become softer and it produce amazing glow. And it does!!!


Orange peel absorbs the oils from open pores in your skin, thereby helping the greasy shine on the face cause by excess oil. It helps to pick up dead and dry skin cells from the surface, making the face look brighter and cleaner. Simply rub the white part of the skin all over the face :).


The skin of the ripe papaya can be thrown in the fridge and used to invigorate the face. Simply apply the fleshy side of a green papaya skin all over the face. It helps eliminate dead skin and makes your skin feel great. It’s brilliant!!

I hope those DIY recycling by using the peels give you some benefits for your skincare routine :). Enjoy trying and helping saving the earth!! And feel free to leave comments. See ya on my next blog!!

Hugs 🤗


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