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Stuff Every Woman Should Know

Whether is Do-it-yourself things, business and pleasure, from relationship and friendship, to beauty and fashion, or taking care of you own mind-body and spirit is a must list and skill that every woman should have, especially in modern days like nowdays when gender equality voice are keep roaring!!

No matter what you are doing or whom you are talking to, stand up straight, pull back those shoulders, and smile :). It’s called confidence! And if you don’t have any? Fake it!! I’ll tell you in this blog about that too :).

“A girl should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants”

Coco Chanel

And here are some of my list that every woman should know to make it life more easy and run smoothly :). You go Ladies!!!

1.How To Act Confident (even when you are not)

Here’s the things about faking confidence : Do it for a while, and eventually you’ll get so good at it that you might just become confident. Confidence will make you smarter, happier, and more attractive :). That’s because by appearing sure of yourself (and others) to see how wonderful you are. And that’s a good feeling. In fact it only breed more confidence.

  • The basics are easy: stand up straight, with shoulders back and head up.
  • When conversing with someone, don’t whisper and look down. Make eye contact and speak clearly, as though you have something important to say, and because you do!
  • Firm up your handshake. Nothing makes a poorer first impression than a limp handshake, especially when accompany by mumbled “Hi” directed at the ground.
  • Smile when speaking and take a deep breaths to prevent squeaky-voice syndrome.
  • Doing things slowly makes you look confident. This may sound silly, but quick, jerky movements look nervous and slapstick. Even if you are quaking on the inside “slow” translate to “calm and serene.”
  • The same goes for speaking in front of the group. Even if you’ve memorized every comma of your presentation. you will seem more confident and poised if you give the appearance of considering your words instead of blurting them out. Nothing says “I am uncomfortable dong this!” more than a speech delivered in fast-forward.
  • You don’t have to become a social butterfly, but making yourself interact with people will force you to become more comfortable with socializing. Don’t be afraid of having nothing to say- truth is, you don’t to say anything at all. A conversation in which you do nothing but ask questions may seem insane, but your conversation partners will come away thinking you are the most interesting person they have ever meet :).
  • The next time you feel awkward at a professional or social function, remember that many other people just as uncomfortable as you do. Adjust posture, take deep breaths, and smile, smile, smile :). You will look more approachable, and you’ll have something to focus on rather than thinking how you want sink into the floor.
  • For many woman, confidence comes with age and wisdom; speed up the process by becoming your own biggest fan. Instead of ripping yourself apart for everything that’s wrong with you, recognize the things that make you fantastic, because there are a lot more of those. While you are working on that, keep on your back straight, your head up, and flash those smile :).

“There’s no better makeup than self-confidence.”

Shakira, pop singer

2.How to Make Friends in the Real World

You never had to think about making friends in school. It short of just happened, and you can’t remember exactly how you did it. But now that you’ve entered the great bid world, suddenly asking another woman to get lunch with you sounds, well, creepy. But learning to make new female friends is crucial social skill-friendship are just as (if not more) important than relationship. So how do you go about nurturing friendship without coming across as a stalker?

  • ATWORK. This is likely where you spend the majority of your time, so what better place to look for friends? You already share something in common, and if you connect on another level with a coworker, start small. Suggest a casual lunch if you’re both stuck working through mealtime. Let friendship at the workplace develop naturally rather than coming off to strong.
  • SPORTS. Gyms are highly social locations, especially if you take a group exercise class. Seeing the same woman week after week provides the perfect opportunity for chitchat. Even better joining an intramural adult league of sport that you enjoy. You’ll be getting exercise, plus team sports encourage social behaviour. Most cities and towns have local running, hiking, or cycling clubs, or you can start one of your own on the internet. These will put you in contact with people who share a common interest, which is the first step in developing a connection.
  • VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES. Helping others will allow you to foster connections with the people you are helping and with other volunteers. Many local organizations will match you up with an opportunity most suited to your time and interest level, helping groups dedicated to protecting children, the elderly, animals, low-income families, domestic-abuse survivors, the sick, or the environment.
  • HOBBIES. Whether your passion is knitting, art, music, wine tasting, gardening, comic-book collections, poker, weight-loss support groups, young professional societies, there is a club for it. Join! Enroll in a foreign language or a pottery class. Sing in the choir at your church. Get involved with local goverment. Just as with dating, you are never going to meet anyone if you stay cooped up in your apartment with your dog. In this day and age, there is a club nearly for everything. Just look online to find what’s available near you.
  • ONLINE. Nowadays is much more acceptable to make initial connection online. There are even website dedicated to connecting woman travelers and adventure seekers. Just be sure to always be safe when meeting up with strangers by informing a friend or family member about your plan.
  • FRIENDS of FRIENDS. If a family member of friend (locally or another city) knows someone who lives near you, ask for introduction (even if it’s just over email). You already have your mutual acquaintance in common, so you’re more likely to hit it of :). Also there’s a good chance she has qualities that you look for in a friend since she’s already friends with someone you care about.
  • EVERYDAY LOCATIONS. Don’t discount libraries, coffee shops, the grocery stores, or the train. People tend to have routines, so it’s likely you will see the same faces frequently. This gives you the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation. Chat up your neighbours. Talk to the girl you see every morning on your commute. Most people are generally friendly if you give them a chance.

Making friends may not be as easy as natural as it was in school, but you just have to approach it in a different way. Make a point to put yourself in social environments where people are interacting. Sure, it might look daunting at first to show up somewhere alone, but the more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll feel comfortable in solo social situations. It’s only a matter of time before you meet people with whom you connect.

3.How to Cure a Broken Heart

You will despise the people who tell you you’ll get over it. You’ll want to scream that they don’t know what they are talking about. But, they do. And with time you will.

  1. Wallow away. Initially you’re to be in shock, which is the worst time to do anything other than let your feelings sink in. Go to the movies, watch TV, read a book (but limit yourself to lighthearted stuff only). If you must go the tearjerker route (there’s nothing like more misery to accessorize your own, right!), have tissue on hand.
  2. Talk a friend’s ear off and/ or write down your feelings. It’s therapeutic, and few months later you’ll amazed at how upset you were over (what’s his name).
  3. After few days, your shock may be replaced by self-pity or anger. Either way you probably won’t want to do too much yet, other than cry or punch things. For the latter, find a gym: you can develop great bicep while being mad and miserable 🙂 and hard workout is a fantastic way to improve your mood (or at least burn off some emotional energy).
  4. Don’t let yourself get fixed up with somebody new just yet, and don’t go looking for anybody either. If you’re alternating between crying miserably and laughing hysterically, you are not ready to look for a soulmate.
  5. Get a hobby, there must be something you have always wanted to learn, do, or see. Now is a good time to explore those interest and hobbies.

Initially, sympathy may be all that you can stomach. But when you are trying to move on, tough love is invaluable. Steer clear of friends who sympathize too much-that will only delay your progress. Once you come out of the dark mourning period, you’ll have days when you find yourself hovering between relapsing and maybe feeling just a little bit better. Summon every ounce of self-discipline and force yourself towards “feeling better” side. It will get easier everyday. Eventually, you won’t need to force yourself to feel better because you really and truly will, and then you are on your way.

4. How to Age Gracefully

You are going to get older whether you like it or not. Youth may fade, but if you take care yourself, your looks and zest for life don’t have to.

  • No matter how old are you, take care of your mind, body, and skin. Try to eat well exercise, use moisturizer and sun screen, and pay extra attention to sensitive areas, such as your eyes.
  • Eat foods that make you feel good. Bodies, change as they age, so don’t expect to eat the same junk you did when you were younger and could let your metabolism deal with it.
  • Wear age-appropriate clothes that fit you properly. If you’re having trouble shopping on you own, go to reputable boutique for consultation to discuss what types of clothing suit you and for which occasions. The money you’ll spend on clothes the first time around will be worth it for the advice.
  • Your skin and face change as you age, and that glittery you wore at 25 just doesn’t work anymore. If you’re unsure about which direction to go, an aesthetician will help you find and application methods that will work for your face.
  • Accept your maturity, but try to mix with people all ages. You’ll have a better, more interesting perspective on life.
  • Never stop cultivating friendship and doing things you enjoy. Learn new things, and travel when you can. Your brain won’t age if you keep it in shape.

“Aging is not an option, not for anyone. It is how gracefully we handle the process and how lucky we are, as the process  handles us.”

Cindy McDonald

If getting older making you miserable, there’s nothing to do but figure it out why and try to get past it. Maybe you’re outgrowing your old routine and it’s time for a change: a relationship overhaul, healthier living, even a different job. Don’t be surprised if the stuff you thought was fun in your youth isn’t cutting anymore. Adapt your life to fit the wiser, more mature person you are becoming.

5. How to Ask for What You Want (and Get it)

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what it is. Have an objective in mind before you open your mouth.

“You get in life what you have the  courage to ask for.”

Oprah Winfrey
  1. Whatever you are asking for, you will get further by being pleasant. It’s harder to scare someone into doing something than it is to charm them.
  2. The “don’t you know who I am” routine is annoying and embarrassing for everyone involved. However, you should be confident while also being friendly. Being convinced that you will get what you want while you are asking for it is the verbal equivalent of walking into room with your shoulders back and your head held high.
  3. What does the squeaky wheel get? The grease, of course. Ever been on the phone with your credit card company or landlord? Be calm, persistent, and keep pushing until the problem you want addressed is taken care of. If the person you’re speaking with can’t help you, ask for a supervisor. Smile, be nice, but don’t budge an inch until the person accommodate your request.
  4. Sticking to your guns is worth it only if your request is feasible. When someone clearly would do anything to get rid of you but isn’t giving you what you want, it’s probably because they can’t.
NOTE: "Corporate" can also be magic word when dealing with huge, inefficient companies. For example: "It's unfortunate you won't be able to help me. I guess I'll have to contact Corporate. May I have your name, please?"

6. How to Remove a Stain

Fresh stains are always easier to remove than old ones, so treat them as soon as possible. If you’re away from home with no rescue at hand, a douse of club soda helps prepare the area until you can apply the proper remedy. Remember this few general tips:

  • Use cool water when first rinsing a stain: warm water might set it in the fibres if fabric.
  • Scrape off or blot whatever caused a stain, as much as possible. Then sponge with cold water or apply a pretreatment, working from the center of the stain outward.
  • Never iron a stain or throw in into the washing machine without pretreating.

Different stains call for different treatments. Here are some of the most common:

  1. RED WINE. Blot with a paper towel and than pour salt onto the stain. If that doesn’t remove it completely, combine one cup hydrogen peroxide with teaspoon laundry detergent, pretreatment, or dish soap. Soak a clean sponge in the mix, squeeze out the excess, and blot the stain until it’s gone. Then wash garment according to the laundry instruction.
  2. LIPSTICK. Sponge with cool water then apply liquid detergent or pretreatment directly to the stain.
  3. GREASE (mayonnaise, machine, oil, etc). Use a pretreatment as soon as you can, and wash soon after applying. If you can’t wash the fabric (if the stain is on the couch, for example), sponge on a stain-removal product. Apply an absorbent such as cornstarch or cornmeal if you are worried about the product staining the fabric.
  4. BLOOD, CHOCOLATE. Rinse in cool water and then apply directly a pretreatment. Wash in cold water with detergent.
  5. WAX. Harden the wax with ice or put garment in the freezer. Once the wax is froze, scrape off as much as possible: then wash with detergent in the hottest water the fabric can handle. Repeat if needed, and don’t dry until the wax is completely gone.
  6. INK. Apply a pretreatment and then wash with detergent in the hottest water the fabric can take. Or spray on a little hairspray until the stain disappear.
  7. GRASS. Apply a pretreatment or a detergent with bleach (very effective on grass stains). Pour some detergent on the stain and scrub vigorously. Let sit for 15 minutes and then wash in warm water. If the stain is still there, repeat this process.
  8. Other stains, or when in doubt. Rinse with cool water, apply a pretreatment, and wash with detergent following the instruction on the garment.

7. How to Dress for Your Body Type

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression. There are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

Marc Jacobs

Clothes are supposed to complement your body, and proper fit is the most important factor when it comes to flattering your figure. The best way to dress for your body type is known exactly what does and does not work on you.

  1. Take a good look at your body. What you like about it? What would you rather hide? Some clothes make you look much better than others. Figure out that those pieces have in common and keep that in mind as you shop.
  2. Use common sense. When trying to minimize your bust, don’t draw attention to it with ruffles or a tight tops. To make a large derriere look smaller, wear dark-coloured pants and skirts. For a tiny waist, wear shorter cardigans to emphasize it, not ones that hit at the hip.
  3. Look through your closet with a trusted friend who’ll be honest about items that are worth keeping. If you’ve been telling yourself for the last three years that you’ll wear that skirt again but you still haven’t touched it, it’s time to let it go. The only caveat; If it’s well-made, quality piece, store it (not in your closet) until you find someone who will love it as much as you did.
  4. It takes discipline to avoid clothes you love but that don’t look good on you. So don’t even go near them. You might relapse. Be strong. And always keep the receipt.
  5. It’s not worth buying a trendy clothes that don’t suit you. Leggings may be everywhere, but if you’re bottom-heavy or short, they shouldn’t be on you.
  6. Be adventurous! Watch for new cuts and styles. Ask that brutally honest closet-helper to go shopping with you: she might suggest things you’d never pick up. Try everything, and if t doesn’t make you look like a million bucks, leave it on the rack.

8. How to Fix a Fashion Emergency

From static cling to sticky cat hair, fashion emergency take many forms and can cause much consternation. These tips will keep you looking perfectly polished.

  • Hairspray lightly spritzed on your legs will keep silk skirt and other lightweight fabrics from clinging. You can also rub your legs with a dryer sheet.
  • Carry an extra pair of stocking if you’re going somewhere important in case you get a run. If you catch a run early, applying clear nail polish to the material will stop it in its tracks.
  • For a broken heel or snagged fingernail, crazy glue is the answer (but use it sparingly). The bottle is small enough to pop in your purse.
  • Stuck zipper? Rub a bar of soap or a wax candle over the sticky spot.
  • For treating stains when you’re out and about, nothing beats a stain-remover stick. If you don’t have one, look for someone with infant-baby wipes, it’s work in a pinch.
  • Have a lint roller handy. You’ll look more put together without lint-or fur-stuck all over you.
  • Safety pins hold up hems, fix broken straps, and rein in cleavage when the top button of your blouse pops off. Stash several in your purse for quick fixes.
  • If your earring back goes missing while you’re at the office, hold the bauble in the place with a mechanical-pencil eraser. Trim it to size using scissors and then slide into place.

9. How to Talk to Anyone, Anywhere

The art of small talk is one worth cultivating. Here are few tips for navigating a cocktail hour or a slightly awkward office-holiday party.

  • Smile. It will let people know you are receptive or friendly. You’ll feel more comfortable striking up conversation with strangers and act confident.
  • Start with something neutral that requires more than one-word answer. If you’re nervous, keep it simple: “So, how do you know Liam?” or ” What’s a good place to eat around here?” If you can’t come up with an opener, pay the person a (sincere) compliment.
  • Ask lots of question. Everyone likes talking about themselves.
  • If you are tried every trick in the book and Maddy’s still icy, maybe she is just having a bad day. Say you need to go grab another drink and move on to a friendlier stranger.
  • Sometimes friendliness can be backfire, like when the IT guy warms up to you at the office party and starts giving you a detailed description of his action-figure collection. In that case, tell him you have to go get some water, or make sure your cube mate are going easy on the wine, and bow out gracefully. If you feel bad, rope someone else into the conversation and, after a minute, use your line and leave them to it.
 Conversation Topics to Avoid with Strangers
1. Health issues
2. Long recaps of books or movies
3. Offensive or of-color jokes
4. Anything personal or embarrassing about you, your friend, or your significant other
5. Politics or religion
6. Money

10. How to Perform a Breast Self-Examination

You should examine your breast once a month by how they look and feel. Always check them around the same time each month because breast change before and during your menstrual cycle. A good time is a week after your period starts. A BSE takes ten minutes and can be a lifesaver-literally. According to National Breast Cancer Foundation, 40 percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by woman who felt a lump.

“The only person who can save you is  you; This was going to be the thing that  informed the rest of my life.”

Sheryl Crow
  • Sit or stand in front of a mirror, relax your arms at your sides, and take a good at the girls. You are looking for a changes in the appearance of the nipples, redness, irritation, dimples in the skin, or discolorations. Look at them from both the front and the side and in the following position: with your arms down, with your hands on your hips, with our arms above the head, and with your palms pressed together in front of your fore head. Then check them out while leaning forward, with your hands on your knees. After practicing this routine for a few months, you’ll notice right away if anything is a miss.
  • Raise one arm, put it behind your head and used your opposite hand to examine your breast. Here’s what you’re looking for; anything that feels odd or wasn’t there before (which is why you should get in the habit of doing this every month). Lumps and bumps in breast are normal, but if you notice changes or find a lump in one breast that isn’t mirrored in the other (especially in the top outer part of the breast), see doctor.
  • With the pads of your index, middle, and ring fingers, start at the top of your armpit and move your fingers down until they are below your breast. Now go backup, moving your fingers a bit toward the center of your body. Go from your collarbone to beneath your breast and from armpits to breastbone. Try not to take your hand off your breast during the exam so that you don’t miss a spot.
  • Pass your fingertips over each three times with light, medium, and firm pressure. This will let you feel all the layers of breast tissue.
  • After feeling your entire breast, gently squeeze the nipple to make sure there is no discharge.
  • If you feel like something isn’t right, see doctor immediately. Breast cancer is less dangerous when detected early.

Check Your Chest
According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer. But don’t lose hope. If the disease is detected early in the localized stage via methods such as monthly self-exam (as well as mammograms and annual clinical exams), the five-year survival rate is 100 percent.

Those are few of stuffs that every woman should know that I could help to give some little guideline to make it easy and I hope it also useful for all the great woman out there. But, there is also some of stuffs that you should know by yourself that I cant tell you. Here are some the list:

Stuff You Should Know That I Can’t Tell You

  • What you want out of life
  • What makes you happy
  • How to love yourself exactly as you are
  • When to admit you are wrong
  • How to say “no”
  • Your signature cocktail
  • When to trust your instinct
  • Your “non-negotiable”

Those all about my post this time and I hope is useful too :), and if you have any ideas, feel free to drop in a comment. See ya on my next blog!! 🙂

Hugs 🤗


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