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Your Ultimate Skincare Basics

“I am big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make up.”

Demi Moore

Hello beautiful! Yes, I mean you. While everyone has something they do love to change about their face’s texture or tone, a natural beauty regimen does more than fix your so-called problem areas. Instead, it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and making self-care priority.

Here’s an easy-to-execute skincare regimen that will open your eyes to the benefits of regular DIY facial treatment.



There is no better way to both start and end each day than by cleansing your face to break down and remove all traces of make up, dirt, and sunscreen. Pick a cleanser designed for your skin type that doesn’t leave your face feeling dry or tight.


Using toner is not only refreshing, it also helps equalize the skin’s pH after cleansing, bringing it back to its natural levels. Toners remove any leftover makeup or oily residue from cleanser too. Using a cotton ball or a spritzer, apply toner to your face after every cleansing.


Deliver a strong dose of concentrated nutrients to the skin with a serum. Thanks to their lightweight consistency, serums are quickly absorbed and penetrate deeper than moisturizers. Apply a few drops to clean hands and gently pat onto your face, Wait 90 seconds or longer to allow the serum to sink into the skin before moisturizing.


After applying serum, it is time to add layer of hydrating moisturizer to soften and protect skin overnight and during your day. For daytime, you might want a lighter consistency moisturizer with SPF included. This final layer creates a protective barrier for skin-keeping in all those good ingredients you just applied and keeping out all the dirt, UV rays, and pollutants that you encounter in your day-to-day life.


The eye area gets a workout throughout the day with all that smiling, squinting, and blinking. So, nourish the thin skin around your eyes with a cream that hydrates and protects against aging. To use, dab a small amount on the outside corners of your eyes, being careful not to rub or tug on the fragile skin.

Twice a Week


Exfoliation is a key part of your skincare regimen. Removing dead skin cells reveals a brighter complexion and allows your serums and moisturizers to better absorb into the epidermis. Twice a week, add grains to your cleanser or polish with a gentle face scrub after toning. Apply the skin with your fingertips in small circular motions, avoiding the eyes.

Once a Week


Treating your face to a facemask once a week delivers nourishing antioxidants and botanicals, deep-cleans your skin, and target specific issues; like excess oil or dryness. After toning, apply the mask to your face with clean hands and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Those are the very basics skincare routine for getting healthy and beautiful skin. And here also I put some of natural resources for your skincare regarding your type of skin.


Sensitive skin need gentle, soothing ingredients to avoid irritation and redness. Look for product that are free of allergy-triggering preservatives and fragrance.

  • BOTANICALS : Calendula and Cucumber
  • ESSENTIAL OILS : Rose and Lavender
  • CARRIER OILS : Sweet almond and Argan


Acne-prone skin want naturally purifying, astringent, and anti-inflammatory treatments. Options for lightweight ingredients that are easily absorbed into the skin.

  • BOTANICALS : Witch hazel and Peppermint
  • ESSENTIAL OILS : Tea Tree and Lemon
  • CARRIER OILS : Grape Seed and Jojoba


Call in antioxidants and natural vitamins to help to heal damage skin and improve texture, and use oils rich in fatty acids to reduce any inflammation.

  • BOTANICALS : Green Tea and Avocado
  • ESSENTIAL OILS : Neroli and Sandalwood
  • CARRIER OILS : Rosehip Seed and Pomegranate

I hope this tips will useful for you all natural beauty lovers. And if you have any other tips or ideas, feel free to shared with me in a comment. And don’t forget that we are all beautiful :).

Hugs šŸ¤—



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