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Your Basic DIY Beauty Toolkit

“There is no greater beauty or charm than what we can find in nature.”

Todd Romano

Making your own custom beauty products is so much easier on the wallet than buying fancy creams and potions. No industrial gadgets need apply. And the best part are, you likely have everything you need stashed in your kitchen. So, don’t be intimidated-you can make so many great-all natural recipes with just a few basic tools :).

So, get ready to put on your beauty scientist moods and look for your basic tools around your kitchen and don’t forget to have fun! 🙂 Here are some of your basic DIY toolkit :

Measuring Cups and Spoons

You’ll be measuring out ingredients and liquids in almost every recipe. Glass measuring cups are easier to use because they can handle heat. Dedicate in inexpensive set of measuring spoons, as well as dry and liquid measuring cups, to your beauty recipes.

Mixing Bowls

Glass bowls are my favourite, and again, it’s handy to have a couple of them dedicated to beauty recipes. (Speaking from experience, you don’t want to find beeswax in your mixing bowl when you’re cooking dinner). Have a few bowls in different size-just make sure they’re easy to clean.

Water Bath

You’ll need a glass bowl and saucepan to gently heat and melt ingredients in many of the recipes. Make sure the bowl can sit on the saucepan without hitting the bottom. This make a simple double boiler, without adding another piece of equipment or kitchen item to clean.


This is one of the most important tools in natural beauty recipes! A small plastic or metal funnel makes it easy funnel makes it easy to pour liquid ingredients into tiny bottles. Fewer spills mean fewer dollars spent replacing products :). So, save yourself money and frustration, and pick a funnel up at the groceries store.

Pipettes or Eyedroppers

You can use one or the other, but having either tool makes measuring essential oils much more precise. Because who can get just one drop of anything? Dedicate to one each oil to avoid contamination, and tape it to the outside of the bottle.

Coffee Grinder

A kitchen gadget that’s perfect for pulverizing nuts, seeds, oats, herbs, and teas into fine powders. Dedicate a grinder to your beauty recipes-otherwise everything will have faint coffee smell. It’s worthwhile investment and it will great more use than you think! A mortar and pestle also works well, though it’s harder on the wrist!

Blender or Food Processor

You’ll need a blender or food processor for whipping up lotions and body butters. My handheld blender gets the job done, but a stand mixer create a nice whipped texture.

Fine-mesh Strainer or Cheesecloth

You’ll need a fine-mesh strainer to filter out herbs, flowers, or teas used in infusions. In a pinch, you can used paper towel or even an old pair of hose.

Glass Bottle and Jars

Start saving glass jars, or buy a set of canning jars at the grocery. They make perfect containers for scrubs, body oils, and dry ingredients. To sterilize, run them though the dishwasher or boil them for few minutes. Make sure they’re dry because; otherwise; you risk contamination.

Amber Glass Bottles

A must-have for blending facial oils and serum, dark bottles also help preserve essential oils. Look for ones, with the dropper cap for easy use.

Those are some of my DIY basic toolkit to making my own beauty products. if you have any other item, feel free to share in a comment :). And I hope this toolkit blog helpful for you all homemade and natural beautician. Happy Blending! 🙂

Hugs 🤗



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