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9 Basic Items that You Truly Need in Your Make-up Bag

“I believe all woman are pretty without make up-but with the right make up can be pretty powerful.”

Bobbi Brown

Most of us lug around heavy bags, stuffed full of products, like a kind of security blanket. But, suppose you simply can’t do that? Or you just want the basic for your desk drawer? Which items are indispensable?

The fact is you really need only a handful of key items-the make up basics that will take you looking glossy and gorgeous from breakfast with the boss, or presentation in front of 500, to dinner with-well, whoever your heart desire. It’s all about simplicity and grooming. Natural-looking eyes and a glossy, slightly darker or brighter mouth looks pretty, modern, and gives you confidence! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here’s the lowdown on what you really truly need in your make up to keep your looks :


To find a shade that exactly matches your skin, test above your-pre-moisturised-jawline, the product should disappear straight into your skin. Then apply the foundation-aka base-with your fingers, a sponge or, preference, a foundation brush, to achieve a flawless finish.


Choose a pencil to cover spots, a liquid formula to camouflage under-eye shadows, and a cream or stick or wand concealer to cover dark pigmentation, or bruises. Apply after your moisturiser and foundation (if wearing), and blend gently with a clean small brush.


For the most flattering natural look, opt for a creamy product-or even a check tint-in a colour that gives an extra warm glow, rather than being tempted by the extreme of hot red ‘painted’ cheeks. To blend in colour, dab the tip of foundation brush on the pan of colour- or the end of the blusher stick- and stroke smoothly on to your cheekbones, starting from below the outer edge of the eye iris.


Brown for blondes, black for brunettes is the rule; avoid faddy bright colours. Test by rubbing the mascara between your finger and thumb: choose a creamy, rich, inky formula-it will make lashes look glossy. Avoid the types that dry quickly and look cakey on your fingers-they’ll look the same on lashes.


Choose a soft shade that matches your natural brow colour. Apply after foundation and powder, lay a sharpened pencil flat against brows and make small strokes, applying as little pressure as possible, then brush out using a clean mascara wand.


Waxy, creamy-textured balms last and last; natural-based fragrances taste less chemical. Apply ten minutes before lipstick. Or, for a long-lasting creamy finish, apply lip pencil all over the mouth after balm.


Look for non-sticky, sheeny product in flatteringly natural(-ish) shade. Apply to lower lips and pinch together, then use lip pencil to give fuller look.


It’s helpful to have two pencils: a light natural one for a day, and a slightly darker one for evenings. Storing them in the fridge will help them to last longer on your lips. Sheeny, shimmery pencils have the advantage of looking subtle, and you can just sketch in the edge without it looking fake.


Opt for sheer, creamy, glistening products, rather than the dense, matt ones-they will look much more youthful, natural, and pretty, once applied. Brush on lipstick with a lip brush, and outline with pencil to even up the lips; blot, then, for longer-lasting colour, reapply lipstick.

And for lipstick colour? Try the following: the rule of thumb is that if three people give you compliment, then you should stick to that colour!

  • BLONDES with cool-toned-eyes-grey/blue-and skin should opt for the more muted pinky tones. (if you’re “cool”, you probably don’t tan easily).
  • BRUNETTES with dark eyes and fairish skin should go for apricots, goldy peaches and rosy caramels; those with olive skin should choose brown with a hint of red; if you have deeper caramel skin, opt for sheer bricky rusty, black skin-amethyst or mauve, with glisten.
  • REDHEADS with very fair skin and blue/green eyes suit cool beigey apricot.
  • GREY/SILVER/WHITE HAIR and fair skin suits hot pink; more sallow skin, rosy pink.

That’s all my tips about what your really and truly need in your make-up bag. I hope it will useful for you all beautiful ladies. And also, I would like to apologize, I didn’t upload any new blog post for a while. I have been caught up with my experiment and other projects. But, I am glad I am able to post this blog. If you have any other ideas, feel free to write a comment. And thank you so much for reading my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs ๐Ÿค—


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