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How to Look Fabulous & Stylish without Breaking the Bank

“The best way to look stylish on a budget is to try second-hand, bargain hunting, and vintage.”

Orlando Bloom

Looking great and up to date is always every woman dreams. From having a perfect skin and beautiful clothes that fix in every occasion and look like the picture from the instagram influencer. Most of us “ladies” want it! However, good things come at a cost from skincare to make up and dressing well usually requires that you spend a sizeable amount of money to look good.

Picture this: You’re sat at home or in a waiting room and are flicking through a random magazine filled with pictures of beautiful celebrities. They all look amazing. From flawless skin to gorgerous hair. And one has a purse that you love another one has a stylish coat. At this point, you’re probably drooling over the shoes of one of the Kardashians. They look great, and they all have money, which means that, without their riches, you can’t possibly look as good as them, right? Wrong. Looking amazing has nothing to do with how much money you spend, and you can look just as good as them without the cash. If you want to know how then just keep reading! 🙂

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you in your journey to looking fabulous and stylist without breaking the bank ;

#Skin first, Beauty second.

I admire women who can go out and feel confident in their all-natural state. It takes a lot of guts to just go out and flaunt what you got, but it shouldn’t. No one should go out and feel any less beautiful just because they don’t have make up on. Take time to go out without it, learn to love your skin and not feel like you HAVE to wear makeup. Makeup should be a choice and it should be fun. Makeup shouldn’t be your way to hide your natural self, because your natural self is beautiful and it deserves a little more attention. And being confident and comfortable with your own skin is sexy.

#Don’t be afraid to shop clearance & Explore thrift store.

I know sometimes we have the idea that a clearance section is a scary place filled with no good products that no one wanted to buy, but that can be anywhere from the truth. (I mean yes, you do find those occasional pieces that you laugh at but that’s it). I have found some of my greatest pieces in the clearance section. And if you’re looking to score some major deals on high-end items, you may want to explore local thrift shops. “I’m a huge fan of thrift shopping and “You would be surprised how many items I find new with tags. Almost half! 😀

#Label’s aren’t important & Don’t be walking billboard!

Unless you want to see how ridiculous your credit card bills, you should avoid buying labels at all cost. They’re not even important anyway. Labels are a symbol of status, sure, but if your aim is to look amazing, then they’re really not important for that. And as much as you’d like to shout it from the rooftops if you did treat yourself to a high-end bag or swanky piece of jewelry, too many labels can actually cheapen your look.

#Learn to combine & play with accecories

Combine shirts and tops with pant trousers, jeans, and skirts. This way you create multiple uses and occasions to wear your clothes well and get the best value from your clothes. And sum up your outfits with the right accessories; these have the ability to give you a different and more fabulous look when combined with the right outfit. Not only are they inexpensive, they are also easy to mix and match with your clothes for that glam look.

#Add a fresh fragrance & Have your signature scent

No outfit is complete without a luxe fragrance to match. Something classy ladies always have in common is a signature scent, that is distinctively you and the scent instantly reminds people of you. Find a scent you love and apply it to your skin (never your clothing or hair). “Heat rises”, so it’s important to apply perfume to points on the lower half of your body in addition to places like your wrist, elbows, and the nape of the neck. For a scent that last, spritz your ankles, behind your knees, and between your thighs. To avoid mixing too many fragrances, treat your skin with an unscented moisturizer or almond oil before applying perfume. I always feel happy when people telling me I smell nice. 😊

#Style and Fit

There are several online companies offering the rent a dress service that to stand out, the “shopping” experience for you and should be easier and more efficient. For example, style theory a rental online clothing classify by style and occasions, making it easier for you to customize the selection process. And don’t forget no matter how hard you try to filter the dresses to your measurement, there would still be a probability that what you rented will not fir since designers use different measurement. You could be small for one designer and medium to another. Glamming up doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Attending an event does not necessarily mean you have to buy a new dress especially if we will not be able to wear it than once. It’s not economical and will just add to our pile of dresses at the back of the closet too fancy to wear for a simple night out. Formal once in a lifetime event calls for a more practical solution RENT INSTEAD OF PURCHASED!

#Hair, Nail, and confidence!

Hair is one of the most vital things to consider in order to pull off your look. You must not, under circumstances tie a bun or leave them open in an untangled manner. If you’re leaving your hair loose, you should make sure they are brushed and look decent. Otherwise it is best that you tie them in a ponytail or a braid or pin them in an appropriate manner, such they don’t fall on your face. Many people think that fingernails aren’t really a proper aspect to consider while grooming yourself, but it is very important. You should always have neat, filed and manicured nails. And if you wish to grow them, make sure you keep them clean. The last, no matter what you’re wearing or how you’ve done your makeup, it will always be confidence that will bring out elegance and class in you. Walk and talk proudly and own your look. The confidence in you will be the stamp of your outfit! 🙂

With societies ridiculous expectations of how people should look, it can seem impossible to look great without buckets of money, but don’t give in. You can look amazing on a budget and without breaking the bank, so use my tips above. And if you have any tips, feel free to write in a comment below. Thank you! 🙂

Hugs, 🤗


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