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8 Instant DIY Beauty Booster

These Ideas are for fast, natural face-fixers when time is right. From face cleanser, Body scrub and skin nourisher. Here are my 8 Instant DIY Beauty Booster for your soft and glow skin :

1). Rapid Cleanser

  • Use plain live yogurt to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and make-up. Simply rub into the skin and splash off with tepid water.
  • Mix together 15ml (1 tbsp.) finely ground oatmeal with 30ml (2 tbsp.) hot water, gently rub into the skin and rinse off.
  • Use jojoba oil or grapeseed oil to shift stubborn waterproof mascara. Apply with a lightly dampened cotton wool pad.

2). Simple Skin Tonics

  • Warm chamomile tea is an excellent toner for dry, sensitive skins.
  • Pure rosewater makes a refreshing skin tonic. Try using it straight from the fridge.
  • To remove soap-sud residues and restore the skin’s natural pH (acid/ alkaline) balance, mix 5ml (1tsp) cider vinegar into a large tumbler of cool water and splash over the face after cleansing.

3). Spot Busters

  • Dab on neat acetone to dry up stubborn spots using a fresh cotton-tipped applicator for each pimple.
  • Apply dots of milk of magnesia liquid to heal skin blemishes and acne lesions.
  • Use neat witch hazel on a cotton wool ball to clear a spotty forehead or chin.

4). Open-Pore Tonics

  • Apply a small quantity of neat vodka to the nose and chin area to tighten enlarged pores.
  • A slice of lemon rubbed over the affected area helps open pores appear smaller and also fades freckles.

7). Skin Scrubbers

  • 15ml (1tbsp.) granulated white sugar mixed with a few drops of hot water makes an excellent skin scrub for slightly spotty skins, as sugar contains mildly antibacterial properties.
  • Before stepping into the shower, smooth olive oil over the body and rub in handfuls of finely ground sea slat for n invigorating all-over the skin scrub.
  • Massage a handful of coarsely ground oatmeal on the chest and upper arms while in the bath to leave the skin soft and glowing.

8). Speedy Skin Nourishers

  • To re-moisturise a dry, sallow complexion, massage generous dollop of fresh mayonnaise into the skin, leave for 10 minutes and rinse with cool water.
  • A thin layer of sunflower or soya margarine serves as a good make-shift moisturiser.
  • A small amount of almond oil or avocado oil will nourish the face and neck. Apply before bed time and leave overnight to sink into the skin.

Those are my 8 instant DIY Beauty Boosters, hope will help you the get soft and glow skin :). If you have any other ideas or recipes, feel free to drop on a comment below :).

Hugs 🤗


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