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How to Look Younger by Changing Your Lipstick

“Pour your self a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together”

Elizabeth Taylor

Lip products are most fun than a sock full of frogs. You can make people admire your chutzpah with bright neon-pink lipstick. Gasp with your elegance in a sheer berry stain. Force focus on your heaving made-up eyes with a soft nude lipstick. And you could also trick people into believing you time-travelled from 1952 with a vibrant shade of crimson lipstick. Also, entice boys to think about kissing you with a devastating juicy gloss 🙂

Once we ladies hit A Certain Age, we need to start getting extra crafty with lipstick choices. Here are my few tips to help you with those little lips care thingy 🙂

Chunk any shade of brown lipstick that is darker than latte, shade of plum and blood red

Dark lipstick makes your lips look smaller and emphasises dark circle under the eyes. It also means you’re at risk of being cast as the nasty school ma’am in movies.

Be friend with pink lipstick

A shade or two lighter than your natural lip colour will be intensely flattering and make you look years, decades, millennia younger!

Avoid matte lipstick

Matte lipstick usually settle into your lip lines and exacerbate them.

Wear a gloss/lipstick hybrid

The shimmer and gloss will make your lips look juicier and the lipstick will give good depth colour.

Buy creamy, hydrating lipsticks

Some hydrating lipstick contains anti-ageing formula that help taking care of your beautiful lip.

Consider a soft coral-based lipstick

Those lipsticks are frightfully youthful and skin brightening.

You could kick all the lipstick together and wear lip-plumping lip gloss. First, fill in your lips with a nude colour lip liner, then apply a soft pink- no sparkle lip gloss all over.

Kick the lipstick all together

Those are my few tips about your lip looks survival tips. If you have any other ideas or tips, please drops in a comment 🙂

Hugs 🤗


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